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Probably won't use it often, BUT here it is as promised Baccano! crew. All thanks to a_tannenbaum

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Real Life MafiososCollapse )

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[OOC] Crit+contact post

What is this for?

♥ To contact me for something characterization wise you believe iffy and are afraid to tell me so over AIM (Larisa Thessaly) or email (thess.fan.of.hellsing@gmail) concerning any of these three characters alone. Anon or signed up. Comments are to be screened unless there's desire to be unscreened. I'll know and if you want a reply, I'll try to give you that. OOCness, stagnant development, inconsistency, unfair info modding, probable godmodding, etc, etc. None of this are done in purpose, but I'm human and I can easily make stupid mistakes. Want to fix them up.

♥ Rl vored me and I'm unable to thread/be active/get you back for a plot! Too of that AIM is just being an ass too. So this will be a message center and heads up! Link me any important stuff I missed.


0018 Body Count [Voice post]



Seems that Ja~acuziiii~~ has returned. Won't ya give him a smashing hello, Graham-bro' Ya like the lil' tattoed kid, didn't ya? Didn't ya? DIDN'T YA?

So let's say hi. HI Ja~acuziiii~~

HeyHeyHeeeeeeey~ Where did Gandor run off?

(ooc; Horrible post I-I know. I signed up Ladd to get salmon'ed but mindblowing toothache things got in middle of my concentration. In case anybody needs the salmon companion, I was able to commit!)

0017 Body Count [Voice post]

Hm. There's a change.

Everyone's on the pad, Gandor? That makes the rackets simple. 'Least some quit actin' like punks and got balls like real men today! How do ya like 'em, dear bro'?


Stand up, Graham!! Don't leave our story without a SMASHIN' SMASHIN' SMASHIN' start!

0016 Body Count [Voice post]

[Sounds of fabric being tore down]

Hey~ Hey~ Heeeeeey~~


That was fer my bro'! C'mere ya little shits! Ya can't fool me in those Halloween masks! HaHeHeHHiaHAHeHhOHaHiH!!!

[Two gunshots]

Safe. In. There?

(ooc: parasites ruined the suit Ladd got for Graham. LADD SMASHES!!1! If Graham is still in the Hospital, he probably will beat them up with his brother's wrench ;; If he's out, Evy, comment log? :D)

0015 Body Count [Video post]

Squeak Squeak Squeeeaaaak~~

'Is has some advantages. Don't ya feel already safe behind those mice traps!

(ooc; Placeholder. Brb. I'll backtag Czes&Jacuzzi too!)

0014 Body Count [Voice post]

Eh? Squib?

What do ya mean with squib, punk? Ya calling Ladd Russo a squib?!

Hey, hey heeeeeey~~


Hey Hey Heeeeeey~~ C'mere, I asked ya somethin'!!!!

(ooc: Someone got to do it. Brb, catching up old comment spam+tags).
Comment Log open to those in the Train. Heist beginsCollapse )

((OOC: LIZ TOLD ME TO POST IT AT THIS HOUR. PRETEND THIS HAPPENED DURING LUNCH, OK? Plot details here if somebody wants to join. Mafioso slang if someone cares. Everyone feel free to mingle within what will happen, all Russo men would wear white, all Luck’s are wearing black, third parties are also welcome to contain or feed into the chaos. Backdatting is lurv too)).
What ya think ya're doin' there, Polly?

Name's Adriana, punk. Don't wear it out.

Punk? Hm. Yer name's Polly 'cause yer not beautiful and quiet like dear Luu~uaaa.

[Gunshots. Rumble falling off]

Hey, hey heeeeeey~~

Where did ya get that? Gimmie back!! Fuck. That nearly falls on my head.

Quack, quack quuuuuuuu~aaaa~aack~~. Listenin'? I'm yer soul, punk. That's why I can talk.

Ya are a parrot, naggy Polly. Ya CAN talk. So who train ya, eh? Eh? EH??! I wanna ask 'em if they felt safe, thinkin' in givin' me a present like this.

[More gunshots]

Hey, hey heeeeeey~~!! GIMMIE ME MY--


[Schreecing. Crashing items of the floor]

'Ere, birdie, birdiee~ee... Ladd has a cracker. Does Polly want a cracker? Ladd wants his toy back.

[Accidental Video Post]

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